I’m Sara. The Curator of this blog.

Apart from books, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with people.

The Word of God

Especially, my knowledge of The Word of God.

I Love God and over the years I have come to know him by His Word (The Bible)

No one can truly know the Lord, except by His Word.

And if there is one thing I have realised, no one can know God’s word by themselves. Someone has to put you through, explain to you, teach you.

I do know about the statement ‘knowing God for yourself’.

But don’t get it wrong, knowing God for yourself is not constantly reading the bible, not understanding, beating yourself up for not understanding, thinking there is something wrong with you and then quitting everything altogether.


Knowing God for yourself is allowing someone put you through God’s word and then going back to study by yourself whether those things are true (like the Bereans), and not accepting anything else until there is adequate proof from the bible.

Acts 17:11 KJV
…in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

And that is why I am here.

I am a product of my Teacher’s teachings of the Word of God.

And that is why I will like to give back by teaching anyone who will like to know God more.

I will be offering:

Offline and Online classes.

(Note: These classes are free)

Offline Classes (For Nigerians (Lagos) only)

You get to choose the venue, time and location and we will come to a consensus.

You are to come with your Bible, Pen and a New notebook (Very Important).

Online Classes

This class will take place on WhatsApp, Zoom or any other suitable online platform at an agreed time.

You are to be with your Bible, Pen and a New notebook (Very Important).

You can also check out bible teachings on the blog from time to time. I have a post for them here. (No Post Yet)

Korean Language

Annyeong Haseyo!!! 안녕하세요!!! Hello!!!

I am an Avid Korean lover girl (Yes! I said it)

So if you are like me and will love to learn the Korean language.

I will be glad to put you through.

In less than 3 months (if you are as passionate as I am, you can learn one month (Just like I did!), you will be able to learn the basics and will have an elementary knowledge of the Korean Language.

You will know:

  • The Korean Alphabet
  • Korean Phrases
  • Korean Romanization
  • Korean Grammar
  • Korean Greetings
  • How to speak Korean fluently (Advanced learning)

Tip: If you watch Korean movies a lot, you will be a really fast learner of the language.

Note: This teaching will be free. But the advanced teaching (where we will converse in Korea and learn new words everyday till you are familiar with the language) comes at a discounted fee.

You can also check out Korean language tips and things you should know about the country here. (No Post Yet)

Contact me:

Email: sarwriters@gmail.com

Use Subject: Learn Korean with Sara

Call/Text: 08138189341

I also offer Editing and Writing Services.

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