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Aip Editorial services offers professional and quality Editing and Writing services.

My Editing Services:

Why I Edit?

I am Passionate about books and written words and I am most delighted when I help a writer, a blogger, an author or anyone at all who needs help with their writing.

We write because we have an intention to communicate to the audience (which is the reader).

But, most times we go through difficulties in communicating our intentions to the reader.

There are lots of reasons why our intentions or the information we are trying to pass to the reader is misunderstood.

From grammar errors to punctuation, syntax, spellings, readability errors, they are some of the reasons readers don’t enjoy our writings.

And this is why I edit.

I want to make your manuscript, essay, blog, article, thesis, convey your intentions and the information you are trying to pass to your desired audience.

Why you need me for your next edit

  1. You have a burning desire to tell the world your story but you just can’t seem to express your words well in writing. Just write it! I can help you mould your words to pass your intentions to your readers flawlessly.
  2. You need another pair of eyes to look through your work. And it is even better if those eyes belongs to someone who knows grammar and punctuation rules and is able to detect inconsistency and redundancy in your work.
  3. Giving your work to friends for a quick edit might not be enough. Your friends might be too shy to critique your work well or tell you when something just don’t add up. You need a professional who will tell you what is wrong with your work and how to fix it.
  4. You also save time to engage in other things. Let me do the hardworking of reading and re-reading your work to perfection.
  5. Your written work needs the touch of a Certified Editor and proofreader. And I am just the right person for you. With a Linkedin certificate in Writing articles, Editing and proofreading made simple and a daily dedication to self development in my area of profession. I can solve all of your writing problems.

Some of the editing services I render includes:

Copy Editing

I offer copy editing services. I check for inaccuracies and inconsistencies in your grammar, punctuation, syntax, style, numbering and formatting. I research and fact check to make sure your work is accurate. I check the readability of your work and if the intention of the written work is rightly passed to the reader. I also check for misspellings, tone and word usage. I make sure I don’t leave your work until it is void of errors.

Content Editing

This is a form of copy editing in which I will evaluate the formatting, style, and readability of your content / blog articles and make it comprehensive for readers.


This is also called the final stage in editing. After you have made all the necessary corrections and have ascertained that your work is ready to be published or ready to be read. I give it a final check for grammar, punctuation, typographical errors, misspellings, redundancies and inconsistencies. This is where I take note of all the errors that might have been skipped during copy editing.

Manuscript evaluation and editing

This is a thorough examination and evaluation of your manuscript. It is reading through the manuscript and given my firm opinion about what I think of the writing style, tone, word usage, character consistency and the manuscript as a whole.

Developmental and Substantive editing

This is a type of editing I am most passionate about. It is my favorite type of editing where I work with you in developing your ‘half baked’ ideas or manuscript into a full blown manuscript ready to be published.

How I work?

I would go through your written work, it could be a blog post, a manuscript, an essay, a thesis, a cover letter etc

Then I will tell you how much editing your work will need and what type of editing you should go for.

Then I create an estimate for your work.

My Charges

I charge according to how much editing your project needs and we come to a conclusion/agreement on the charges. I accept 20% payment before I begin work.

My Writing Services:

I also offer writing services for authors, students, job seekers, employees, employers, writers, bloggers, business websites and everyone who needs help with writing.

My Writing services includes:

Ghost Writing

You have an idea for a book or any type of writing at all and you just don’t have that time to write. I can write it for you and you will still retain your name as the writer.

Content/Article Writing

I write blog posts, website contents, social media contents and any form of content writing.

Cover Letters and Resume

Are you Job seeking or looking at a career switch and you need to write the perfect CV and cover letter. I can help you write the next Resume and cover letter that will get you that dream job.

My Charges

I charge N2 per word (Nigeria). $0.0060 per word (other countries) this is negotiable, depending on how many words I will need to write.

I also receive 20% payment before I start working.

Contact me


Use Subject : Editorial services/Writing services (any service you will like me to render)

Call/Text: 08138189341

I can’t wait to hear from you

I also offer Bible teaching classes and Korean language classes

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    I love the holistic approach you employ to render your services.
    More so, your contents are great and easy to read.
    I would appreciate a progressive growth however.
    Keep up with the gusto.

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