Hi! My name is Sarah Olaleye.

   I am a freelance writer and productivity coach. I have been creating flawless content for over 7 years. Check out my works here.

I am an expert at writing:

  • Long-form content

  • eBooks

  • For Websites

  • For Blogs

I also help individuals and organizations:

  • Live productive lives

  • Have a balanced work-life structure

  • Manage their time effectively

More about me

 I am a self-published author of a novella, The Tombstone of Monsters. An Avid planner and reader. I am the CEO of Avid Planner and the founder of FRECO (A freelancers’ association in Nigeria). I help people live an organized and productive life by guiding them on how to plan their daily activities, finances, and time.

I am a book lover and reviewer. I review books on my blog avidinspire.com/, where I also write lifestyle, literary, productivity, and freelance articles.

Apart from writing and coaching, I also help new bloggers get their footing in the blogging industry and also give WordPress and web design tips, as an experienced blogger of 5 years and counting…

I am a Philomath and when I am not developing my skills and learning something new, I am watching movies, reading, and drafting my next business idea. I enjoy creating content, designing my website, and updating my social media accounts. I am also working on developing a niche on Christian book reviews and book lists on my blog.

You can check out my YouTube channel sometime, I share tips, stories, and fun content on business, content creation, and lifestyle.

I am a friend of Jesus and a Bible teacher with a passion to help people understand the bible.


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