Is my story your story?

I was an unproductive person that could never be trusted to carry out a task.

I had so many ideas yet I couldn't do any of them because "I just didn't start."

I couldn't trust myself for years, so I never told anyone about my skills and talents because "what if they entrust me with a task and I can't do it?"

I never completed anything I started. I always left tasks uncompleted and then, started another new task... and the cycle continued.

Is this you or you have a similar story?

I created this space to help others attain productivity and a life of "getting up and getting things done" like I have done.

I am now more productive than I have ever been. With all I have learned and implemented on productivity, I have been able to say NO to procrastination, built this blog with consistency after 5 years of procrastination and inconsistency, started a digital shop for my productivity planners, templates, and art, and helped several people live productive lives.

I can help you too!

What do you need help with right now?

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    Join the Avid Family!

    I share practical productivity tips and strategies you won’t find anywhere else in my once or twice-a-month newsletter!

    Get access to my digital products before launch, giveaways, discounts on my shop and productivity coaching sessions!

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      The Avid Planner

      The Avid Planner was established in 2017 with the aim to help male and female, young and old, plan their goals and live a productive and balanced life.

      Avid Planner is a productivity coaching and consulting organization that also deals in the creation and sales of digital, printable, and physical planners, arts, templates, stationeries, and accessories.

      Are you finding it hard to plan and organize your goals effectively? Do you need a simple guide to plan your goals and achieve them in an easy way? This guide will help you plan your goals and achieve them effortlessly.

      What people are saying!!

      I highly recommend Sarah!

      Working with Sarah was and still is a life-changing experience. I used to think a person should have just monthly goals but she taught me how to break down my goals. She is trustworthy, always encouraging, and a patient and insightful guide. I highly recommend Sarah as a life and career coach.

      Precious O.

      Customer Rep (Sterling Bank), Voice Artist and Singer.

      I now live more purposefully!

      I am a busy person and my schedule is always tight. So, I was referred to Sarah by a friend. I was skeptical at first because I had tried all the planning rules in the book, but I decided to give it a try. It’s just 5k a month. But I must tell you, she wowed me. She messaged me weekly and sometimes daily to make sure I was carrying out my goals and plans. Every time I wanted to skip a to-do list. I can hear her saying ‘for every to-do list you skip, you extend your goal achievement timeline.’ She also planned my day effectively for me. Thank you, Sarah. I’m excited about this coaching journey with you. I look forward to living more purposefully.

      Omolola T.


      You rock, Coach Sarah!

      Coach Sarah has helped me overcome a number of barriers in my professional, personal and spiritual life. Honestly, my daily schedule has improved from your constant coaching and productivity tips. I can see why you do what you do, you rock ma!! I would recommend Coach Sarah to anyone.


      French Translator and CEO Onyx Hair D'or

      Sarah is a good planner coach!

      Olaleye Sarah is a good planner coach. I reached out to her when I needed to plan out my day, put my activities into segments, and stick to my routine. With her experience, she prescribed the right plan for me, which doubled my productivity. Thank you, Coach Sarah. Your services have helped me, and I am sure it will help others.

      Isaac O.

      B2C Writer, Author & Blogger -

      I wasn’t the planning type!

      I was never the planning type until I met Sarah. She made me understand guys can plan too. So I gave her a chance. And I can tell you, I have more free time. Through her advice, I decided to only have 3 big goals per year and I am killing them every year because of Coach Sarah.

      Ayo K.

      Software Developer

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