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Motorcycles, Sushi and One Strange Book

About The Book
Paperback, 222 pages
Published May 8th 2010 by Zondervan (first published April 10th 2010)
0310714842 (ISBN13: 9780310714842)
Edition Language
Florida (United States) 


Book Review
“Do you want me to pray with you, Jess? “
I looked up from my toenails. ” On that kneeler thing? “
” You mean the prayer table?”
” In the Everything Room.”
He formed that on his lips and then nodded.  ” We don’t have to pray there — we can pray anywhere.”
” I want to pray there,” I said.
” Okay,” he said. “I think there’s room on there for all of us.”
” Weezie’s going to pray with us? “
“No”, Lou said. “God is”.


Motorcycle Sushi as I like to call this  book, is a book that portrayed what was written at the front of the book {Real Life}. 

It was realistic and very engaging. From the beginning of the book to the end, I learned lessons, I grew with the characters, I Loved some, I Loathed some.

The main girl of the story, Jess, is a young girl with a disorder that makes her act younger than her age, she had best friends who didn’t know the truth about her life, she lived her own kind of normal life until a strange man who happens to be her Father came to take her away from her ‘crazy’ mother, her friends and the only life she knew,  to a new and totally different life from the life she lived.

On her way, she found a strange book, who along the way taught her mysteries that felt familiar and yet unreal to her.

There was a suspense at the begining that got me hooked to the book, I noticed it and I started following it till I actually got to know what the writer was hiding. Lol.

This book portrays a realistic way to view The Almighty God, it does not tell you God appeared to Jess and started to tell her how much he wanted to change her “crazy” life to “normal”, rather it explains a process to a teenager’s knowledge of God and how someone who thinks her prayers are the least in God’s list of prayers to answer, got to know about Gods expounding and pre-eminent Love for her.

It also reserves an aspect of human relationship and an enviable teenage boy-girl relationship.

Its an absolute must read for teenagers, youths and parents respectively.

It is a book that you would be unable to predict, which is my kind of book – I am really good at predicting the next line of action in a book, so whenever I read a book I can’t predict, I will feel like ‘I have meet my match’, Which was exactly how I felt with ‘Motorcycle sushi’.

I give it a 4.6/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐



Books are my dearest companion in my alone days. And they will always be.

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