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Instructions To Power Your Destiny by Dr D. K OLUKOYA and few Additions

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1.  Correct and educate yourself from the errors or mistakes of others.

Addition – In life we should learn from everyone and everything around us. In order not to make mistakes we should be open to learning, If you want to make decisions in life, ask questions from people who have been through or done what you want to do. That way you will avoid making the same mistakes.
2.  Don’t allow what you cannot do to stop what you can do
Addition – There are times when you would really want to do something, but time and chance might not allow it, rather than not doing anything at all, get something you will be able to do and do it. It may even lead to what you thought you couldn’t do.
3.  You must know yourself thouroughly: pray to God to show you who you are, and what you are supposed to do or be in life.
Addition – You have to discover yourself, not only so you can be great in life but also to be happy with who you are, will be or want to be, you have to really know who you are, Find yourself. What do you love doing? God created you and He knows just why He made you. So ask Him.
4.  Check your anger. Anger is like fire and very dangerous when it is out of control.


Addition – You know anger is your weakness, work on it now, and the best remedy for ANGER is keeping quiet when you’re angry, make sure you don’t say anything, so you won’t end up regretting the things you said.
5.  Check your worry. Worry is like a parasite and it wears one out. it keeps you very busy but gives you no progress. It is like a rocking chair, rocking and moving but no progress . if you are given to worry, you are prone to stagnate your destiny.
Phil. 4:6
When you worry, faith jumps out of the window and heaven can’t do anything, cos’ without faith, it is impossible to please God.
6.  Your attitude determines how far you can go.
The way you react/respond to situation determines the effect it will have on you.
When something bad happens to two people; one ,ay break down irrecoverable, the other may simply sit down-although devasted- analyse things, re-adjust and forge ahead. Attitude.
               Attitude is the way we react /respond to a situation. 
                  Character is the way we react/respond to everything.
7.  Change is not your enemy. Change for the better is usually a good friend.
Addition – Don’t say No to change, it is inevitable and if you find an opportunity to be a better YOU. Don’t say NO.
8.  Your Character and not your achievement will determine your true value. Your character is what you are in the dark when nobody can see you. WHO YOU ARE.

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Addition – Ask yourself. Who Are You?
9.  Your choices today determine your tomorrow. All those little choices we make add up to make us what we are in life.
Going to church is a choice, Praying is a choice., Happiness is a choice. You might need to re-evaluate some friends to know whether or not you should keep them.
Addition – Most people feel others should determine their Happiness, but the only person who can determine your Happiness is YOU. Be Happy. Regardless of the situation or circumstance.
10.  You must be a person of compassion. Kindness will influence people more than talking or eloquence.
Addition – The best way to reach out to others is not only through words, but mostly our actions, an act of kindness can never go in vain.
11.  Beware! One day, we will all depart from this life with nothing. The material things you are fighting for, one day you wont be able to hold on to them again.
12.  Be a person of determination. Have rugged determination to succeed. Stay focused on something until it is achieved. Simply because you have difficulty in doing something, you abandon it and run away. Be determined to succed!!
13.  The world belongs to dreamers therefore, you must have your own dream that would inspire you to go on.
14.  We preach a better sermon with our lives than our lips. The way you conduct and live your life is a better sermon than what you are saying with your mouth.
15.  Strive for excellence in whatsoever you do. Refuse to be a mediocre: Follow the bible instructions that says; whatsoever your hand finds to do, do it well to the glory of God. Study to show yourself approved unto God.


2 tim. 2:15


Strive to be the best in your endeavour and with God by your side, you can never fail.
Mastery in anything you profess is a powerful weapon or agent of change.
16. Rom 15:4
All that were written of old, is for us to learn from it; that with the patience and comfort it brings and teaches , we will have hope.
Whether we like it or not, we make choices on a daily basis. We get results on the basis of the choices that we make. It must yield result because God is interested in the smallest detail of our lives.
The song: Oh what peace we often forfeit; Oh what needless pain we bear – All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.
Remember Lot’s vs Abraham’s choice (Gen. 13:9-16), Moses vs Egypt (Exo. 5), Joseph’s choice (Gen. 39:7-10). Daniel’s, Paul’s, Jesus, Adam, Esau, Achan, Absalom, The rich young ruler, who asked what he will do to make heaven and couldn’t give up his riches, Judah’s choice, Ananias and saphira, pilate, Agrippa, Felix. Caleb and Joshua’s, they all made choices. Some good, Some bad. And they had their reward according to their decisions.
In order to power your destiny, you must make up your mind to move high, you must choose to change.
You must examine every decision you make with the eyes of God. Ask what will Jesus do?
The quicker you change your wrong choice, the better for you as a believer. It is often said that “It is insanity to be doing the same thing and expect a different result”.
17. Learn to move when God is moving. If you come to church and focus your attention on human beings you have failed. If you focus on human beings you will not be able to move when God is moving, and when God is not moving, your movement is in vain.
18. As a believer, you must recognise that you have an anointed mouth. If you make a wrong statement, withdraw it quickly and say the correct thing.
Don’t talk when angry…Then the anger will die.
PS 73:1-19

Wicked rich people that we want to be like, comparing your progress with that of your friends.
It is not how fast you do a thing that matters but how well you do it. So, it is chronic foolishness to do comparison. You have to be happy to receive from God – Water from the well of salvation.
Addition: You are better in your own way, You are amazing in your own way, You are unique in your own way. Don’t compare your success, your progress, who You are with anyone else’s. No one can do You better than You.
20. The devil has the power to pick the words of God from people’s hearts.

Matt 13:19

When you don’t understand the word of God.
If you memorise a scripture and forget, put it back.
Addition – There are times we read the word of God and then later we can’t remember, read those words again, memorize them again and Live it.
21. You need enemies to succeed.
If you don’t have enemies, you are an idiot or a fool. It also means that the world has given you a red card to depart from the field of play. You need people who will mock you so that you can run to God; you need people who will try to intimidate you, so you can be courageous, disappoint you so you can trust in God.
Something must break before you go through.

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Source : Fire In The Word by Dr D. K Olukoya

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