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Insights into the Bible 2 : A Short Story about JOB 28

If you have read the book of Job before then you will understand Jobs plight and predicament, especially what led him to speak when he got to Chapter 28.

So to make this interesting, if you have read Job Chapter 28 before, please don’t open the Bible until you finish reading this, you might already have an idea, but enjoy this short story with me. And if you haven’t, then dive into this story and read an interesting explanatory short story on Job Chapter 28.


The Lost Treasures


A loud trumpet sounded in the fields; the fowls of the air screeched, the animals of the land hoofed and growled altogether.
The wind piped, the rivers splashed and brawled against the rocks. Flood broke out upon the land.
There was a great uproar upon the earth, the field was in a state of unrest.
The once peaceful forest has now become the noisiest place on earth.
The birds flew noisily through all the paths they had gone through all their lives, the vultures strained their eyes, but could not see. The confusion in the land was great.
“Why is there no one who can find these two priceless and great virtues in the world. Search, search, search and find. Bring it to me. We must have it all to ourselves before any other creature on earth” Tamin the King of the forest roared,  setting his subjects at work more intensely.

Mimo the greatest Fish of the sea spluttered noisily among the waters ordering every fish of the ocean at his command to continue their vehement search for the 2 most searched treasures in the whole of the earth.
“Anyone who finds this great treasure will reign with me as the King and Ruler of the sea”, Mimo announced;  the creatures of the sea intensified in their search with tired sighs.
After a long pause, mimo asked again for the umpteenth time “Has anyone seen it?”
But the depth of the sea said “They are not in me” and the shallow parts of the sea answered “They are not with me”.

But where shall they be found? Where is there place?
Mohan the King of man ordered the finest and best of the land’s gold digger, refiners and smiths to search for these treasures in the places where the most priceless of golds, silvers, pearls, diamonds, rubies and sapphires are found, but they came back empty handed,  none could find the rare treasures the whole world searched for.

Mohan addressed the people angrily, telling them that if they refused to work hard and find the treasures, and the other creatures got hold of it first, then that will be the end of Man ruling over the other creatures of the world.
The people set to work again tirelessly.
Where will the treasures come from? Where is the place the treasure is hidden?
Suddenly, a Great hand stretched forth to the earth and divided the rivers among the rocks.
He looked down upon the affairs of man. He shook his head at their foolishness, because He knew.
He is the only one that knows where to find the treasures and what place the treasures are kept
He binds the flood from overflowing. He casts light upon the earth, and brought Quiet to the sea,
He gave strength to the weary and rest to the tired.

As he set perfection upon the imperfect earth, the people cried to him, they begged that while he brought peace to their minds,
there was something else they needed from him. They told him how they have searched and searched for the treasures to no avail.
He listened with rapt attention as they spoke, some with tears, some in desperation.
The animals also had the same story to tell and the creatures of the sea were not left out from sharing their story.
When they all finished speaking; He finally spoke; with smoke in his nostrils and fire in his eyes.
The sound of his voice, a mixture of roaring thunder and the calm of the sea. “I make the weight for the winds, I weigh the waters by measure, I made a decree for the rain and a way for the lightning of the thunder”

“Who are you to do all this great things for the earth?” The people chorus

I am the King of the Universe, the Creator of all things, all things were made by Me, and without Me was not anything made that was made, I am the King Of all Kings, the Owner of Life. All Power belongs to me” The Voice said so beautifully, it’s calmed the minds of the people.

“If you have so much power then, tell us. We want to know. How can we get wisdom? Where can we find understanding?”

Then he saw it, he had already searched it out, he already prepared it, he always knew it, then he declared it, unto the earth he thundered, “BEHOLD, THE FEAR OF THE LORD, THAT IS WISDOM; TO DEPART FROM EVIL IS UNDERSTANDING

Confused, the people asked “But, how?”

If you will serve me and only me, then every other thing will be added unto you”.



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