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Majority of us would actually prefer to pay the price of suffering for 1yr to enjoy forever and to endure poverty for 1yr to be rich forever…

Where I’m driving at is that, for us to make heaven, one of the fruit we must bear is longsuffering. Striving hard and putting all effort is not an easy thing yet we have to do it because there is a reward awaiting  us.

To be where God is, we must do his will. While Jesus Christ was on earth he did not rest until his father’s will was done, he did not eat until his father’s will was done. He also died on the cross. Will you call that child’s play or he was enjoyment? No!!.. He he suffered for our sake to do his father’s will and after that he went to meet his father. If we must go and meet our heavenly father in heaven, we must also suffer for him…


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The Bible calls it longsuffering to let us know that the suffering is not for a short time. The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. That is to say, there is a reward for it. If there is a reward for Labour which is wages, how about the reward our heavenly father will give unto us? Don’t u think it would be something greater!!
It would be nice if we decide to enjoy for the one year and suffer forever. Thus applies to living our lives to make heaven.. It’s so sad that most of us are enjoying now to suffer later; the enjoyment, suffering and reward I’m talking about is ;

For the ENJOYMENT ; people of this world don’t like suffering they believe that being a Christian means to suffer forever. That why you hear most of them saying “I  would give my life to Christ later let me enjoy now that am still young”. They’ve just got it wrong. The Bible says REMEMBER  NOW THY CREATOR IN THE DAYS OF THY YOUTH. You are to give your life to Christ now while you are young and not later.

Having a boyfriend, and girlfriend and wanting to belong to the world is what they call enjoyment. Little did they know that their suffering had just began here on earth.

SUFFERING; Actually, most people don’t like to hear the word suffering. The Bible actually talked about longsuffering as the fruit of the Spirit which must grow because it’s a fruit. JESUS CHRIST is an example of someone who suffered, He suffered because of the love he has for us. One Of the reward for his suffering is that he is seated at the right hand of the father and the benefit of his suffering to us is that there was a shedding of blood on the cross and the blood is there for us as a shield and it also washed away our sin.

Ways in which we can express this longsuffering is by obeying the voice of the Lord; doing his will; going to where he is sending us; preaching the good news to the lost souls no matter the cost. For we must share part of his suffering.

Phil 3:10 says “That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection and the FELLOWSHIP OF HIS SUFFERING being made conformable unto his death…” It’s good to be persecuted for Christ’s sake.

REWARD; EYES HAVE NOT SEEN NOR EARS HAVE HEARD WHAT THE LORD HAVE FOR THOSE THAT LOVE Him.  Anyone who love Jesus will partake of his sufferings, and no one on earth knows all of what God has for us. But one of it is that we would enjoy forever.
God made me understand some days ago that eternity is longer than one can ever imagine
– Spend your eternity enjoying the reward of the father; not suffering.
– The rapture is here


Books are my dearest companion in my alone days. And they will always be.

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