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While They Are Young

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Let’s try to help the young ones around us by telling them about God. I was talking to a young girl this evening and I asked her if she knows God and she said ‘no oh it is only Jesus I know’. Though some of them are from Christian backgrounds and they go to church but they are not taught what they are supposed to be taught in their various churches. It time we start telling them about Christ.

These ones are still young and they can turn their mind to God now. There is nothing they are thinking about now. Let them hate the things of this world. It is a good thing if they build a relationship with God at a very tender age and they begin to have encounters with Jesus and Angels, it will be easy for them to talk about it to their friends too and even to their parents.
Let the young ones also burn for God. Let Prophets, Apostles, Teachers, Evangelists and Pastors arise from amongst them. Don’t you think God will be happy about it?  Just imagine how God will love it when his children are loving him the way he loves them.
For some of us today do wish that we met Christ early enough at a young age probably because we have done things that we shouldn’t  have done. Though we can’t go back to that age but something can still be done by leading the young ones to Christ.
For the devil is trying to capture the heart of young ones now by the worldly and heart-polluting songs that they sing and listen to. But while the devil is doing this, let’s make his efforts useless by leading them to Christ, creating the passion and love for Christ in their heart now!!!!!


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